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2013 goal: To have my first novel published before 2014!


I'm glad you've stopped by my webpage. It's still a little bit in-the-making, like me and my work, but it's all getting there. Who am I? Just another aspiring writer hoping to be published one day. (One day very soon). This website is dedicated to that goal.  Click 'The K's Works' to view my stuff.
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3/25/13: Long time, no update! Ah, well, I've been working on my fanfics mostly. Aside from finishing my FMA fic, my goal before 2014 rolls around is to get Vengeance published! I know, I can't believe it either! I don't know how or through who, but I'm going to figure out the best available option for me as a future-famous household name.
Also, I got a tumblr. It's very useful in keeping reference material as well as updating followers on what I'm currently working on. It's also a huge tool for a procrastinator like me! Uh-oh!

3/28/10: Shame on me. It's been so long since I've updated on anything. Old bandwich is crappy bandwich! Anyway, I'm going to start on the prequel to Vengeance is Written in Blood, which has been renamed "The Adventures of the Shaded Soul."I apologize for the long wait! I've been brainstorming new ideas as I work on editing Vengeance. I think I finally have my own unique version of vampires to throw out there in the sea of others. Hopefully by the time the overwhelming Twilight fever dies down, vampires will be a popular book choice still and not something everyone is tired of. Then again, who gets tired of sexy, mysterious guys and beautiful potential companions?

9/8/09: So, after my last update about being 'inspired' it was almost as if all inspiration got sucked out of me like some annoying bug. Finally, I've started writing on the prequel to Vengeance. No one's reviewed it yet, though. Maybe it's not very good. XD Everyone I knew five months ago seems to have disappeared from fanfiction.net. On the other hand, I asked the site to create a section for Razia's Shadow in the Plays/Musicals section and they did! You're welcome, everyone. :D

5/19/09: I just got back from nine days in Italy. I'm changing the Epic Dumbledore Rant page to a regular blog.Take a look at my Journey! Italy has inspired me so much, I'm ready to write with fresh ideas!

12/27/08: New Page Added! It's about the sequel my novel "Vengeance is Written in Blood," called "The Adventures of the Vampire Inspector." Also, both pages have had a playlist added! Go and take a look.

9/21/08: Two new pages have been added. One for random nonsense, one for you all to know what my reading pleasures are- hint hint. Check 'em out. Side note: On the reading list page, I'm going to include fan fiction when I have the time.  If you want me to check out some of your work (or re check out....) contact me please.

9/13/08: The page dedicated to my novel (in-progress) has been decorated and made some-what interesting! On there I put a few pictures of models/actors of what I thought the characters from my book would look like, for the most part. Honestly, Allison and Luke's pictures do not do their fictional beauty justice; but hey, not everything can be perfect. Go check it out, mouthwater and let me know what you think, here.

9/10/08: It's about time I got a website, huh? If I'm going to get serious about becoming a novelist, every author has some official website, don't they? The URL /darknessxxfalls comes from my fanfiction name. If you want to look at some of my fan works, check them out at fanfiction. Here is where y'all can read updates about my journey of becoming a novelist. Publisher search is coming up soon! (after I write the ending up on my novel). You'll also have exclusive sneak peaks of my new work; and certain things of the world I find interesting and you might too if you stick around for long enough.


Now that projectplaylist is legal (cough) I'm not ashamed to post my wide variety of music interests on this page. Enjoy!