K. Snyder [Official Website]

2013 goal: To have my first novel published before 2014!


Hey kids. Want to know me? Let's start off with the name.
I write poetry and songs under the pen name Allison Enigma.
Fanfiction is written under my .net name, xxdarknessxfallsxx.
Original works will be done under my birth name. But you all can just call me K; Snyder for my colleagues.

Check it out.


FanFiction                                            Original Stories

I do not claim any idea over these as they
are based after published selections;
but the writing I do claim.

+ One Slit is all it Takes (Loveless fanfic)
+ Animalism (Twilight fanfic)
+ Razia's Shadow: The One Hundred Year, Minute-Long Epilogue  (Razia's Shadow fanfic)
Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (Vampires songfic)

These, I claim. Copyright.

Vengeance is Written in Blood (Novel)
++ The Adventures of the Shaded Soul (Novel)

+ The Wry Tale of Verity (Short Story)
Drink, Indulge, Savor (Poem)